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Mystical Awakening news

New Website

Merketh posted Mar 18, 15

After getting tired of Enjin's limitations, we have decided to switch over to Xenforo. the new website is at our regular adress, http://www.mystical-awakening.net/ . This Enjin site will not be updated/used anymore but it will transition into the free version and still be around for archive purposes. Hope to see you all on the new site!

We are delighted to announce Tuesday 16th December as the release date for Elite: Dangerous!

There are only 15 more days to become a Beta backer, play immediately and take advantage of this and the lasting benefits that playing the Beta will give you.

There are also only 39 days left to pre-order the game and get The Elite: Dangerous Mercenary Edition additional content, and benefit from the £4.99 discount.

If you have already pre-ordered the final game you can still become part of the Beta now and take advantage of the lasting benefits that will give you, by upgrading your account, which will only cost you an additional £15.

Reminder, Beta Closing – November 22nd
Remember – if you want to be a Beta customer (for PC and/or Mac!) you only have until November 22nd to join and take advantage of the lasting benefits that will give you.

Every Alpha and Beta backer will receive a pre-release ‘Preview’’ build (which we have called Gamma in development-speak in the past) on November 22nd, and can continue to play, receive updates, and help us verify it before the final game is released on December 16th.
Dr_Qrunch Consider me stoked!
Ladies and Gentleman...

On 15/09 the first month of Early Enrollment starts. Some of us will be playing then as we pledged for the kickstarter a good 1.5 years ago... Now with the Early Enrollment starting it means more people can join us in our quest for some proper pvp and a good sandbox adventure!

Should you be interested there are 2 options to join us:
You can go to www.goblinworks.com and then the store and buy the $100 account, this will allow you to enter on 15/09 together with the rest of us from MA. Another option will be to get the $50 explorer pack and that will get you in on 15/10 with the rest of us.

Mystical Awakening has a settlement that will be created later in the game due to the Landrush. This will allow us to have a bass of operations and a place where we can create your weapons, armor and have trainers. Another point is that we are part of an alliance where we will work together and have trade agreements setup with, this will enable more training as well for those going different directions with their Alignment.

Should you have any other questions, feel free to drop me a PM or post on the forums!

Diablo 3

The Reaper of souls expansion just got released, and a good number of MA have gone back to the game now. we also have a MA clan up and running ingame, more info on that can be found here and here

Star Citizen

We already have a large following for SC within MA, and its bound to get larger as more of the game opens up and we get near alpha/beta. The DFM ( dog fighting module) is bound in a few weeks if all goes well, which will feature the first gameplay outside of your own hangar. the SC forum section can be found here

Pathfinder Online.

It has been a year since the kickstarter got funded. GoblinWorks is well on the way with their schedule for the release of the Alpha. This is marked as Milestone 5. Once that one is reached they are going to be working on Milestone 6 (which will be the Early Enrollment launch).

GW has been busy and has been doing some good updates as well, and now included are vlog's to inform all of us. New website has been launched together with a proper rss feed! Thanks to TiranKenja for handing us a temp. RSS feed.

If you have the urge, bump this post to get some more attention to MA and else keep track of Goblinworks here!

Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scroll is scheduled to launch on 04/04/14 with an early access starting 30/03. Mystical Awakening will be heading ingame and together with the guilds KDS and RK will once again play in the DEYS alliance . This means we will be working together in AvA and you as a member will get 2 invites, 1 for MA and 1 for DEYS. The advantage of being in DEYS will give you a bigger pool of members to team up with in both AvA and PvE.

Elder Scrolls Online is a fantasy MMO with a good 3-way AvA and high end PvE content (some of it will be released after launch!)

Should you be interested in playing with us, we are going to play the Aldmeri faction, sign up here and join us during either launch or during the early access!


E:D is currently in Alpha with new features added all the time. there's already a good number of Alpha testers playing, and a few waiting for the beta to start. more info here

Tamriel 2E 583, the great tree in Elden Root,

"I have no hatred for the races of Man, but they are young. Like all children, they are driven by emotion. They lack the wisdom that comes with age. I would sooner place an Altmer infant on the Ruby Throne than surrender Tamriel to their capricious whims. The Altmer, the Bosmer and the Khajiit share the common traits of intelligence, patience and reason. We do not seek riches or plunder. Domination is not our goal, nor is the acclamation of power for its own sake. Today we make our stand. Today we take back the Ruby Throne, which is ours by ancient right and the blessings of the Divines. Stand with us."
―Your Queen Commands, Ayrenn Arana Aldmeri

Mystical Awakening has heard the commands of the Queen and we are currently marshalling our forces to assault the white tower. join us today! http://www.mystical-awakening.net/eso

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